How to Make Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream Just Like Ben and Jerry’s

How to Make Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream Just Like Ben and Jerry's

One thing’s for sure, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is the best around. But what makes it so popular? It’s probably something to do with their insistence that every spoon should contain a tasty chunk! Alternatively, it could be all the new and exciting flavors that they come up with.

Ben and Jerry’s all time best selling ice cream, is their delicious Heath Bar Crunch flavor. There’s something so right about that combination of crunchy toffee and smooth vanilla ice cream!

We’re going to take a look at how you can make it at home, and we’ll also be putting a little twist on this old favorite. We’ll be making Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.


  • 4 Original Heath bars
  • 2 Cups of heavy cream
  • 1 Cup of milk
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Cup of sugar
  • 4 Tbsp of instant coffee

Grab yourself a knife, and chop up the Heath bars into chunks of roughly 1 inch in length. When you’re finished, you should have around 1 cup of chunks. If you end up with less than a cup, simply chop up an extra bar. Throw the chunks into a freezer proof bowl, cover, and freeze.

Crack the eggs into a large mixing bowl, and whisk until they are light and fluffy. An electric mixer is best for the task, but you can use a manual whisk too if you’re willing to put in the extra work!

Add the sugar, little by little, to the eggs and continue to whisk whilst doing so. Continue until the mixture of eggs and sugar is completely blended, which should take between 2 and 4 minutes.

Grab your milk, and cream and add them to the mixture. Throw in 3 tablespoons of instant coffee too, leaving 1 tablespoon left for use later. Continue to whisk for a further minute, or until all the ingredients are well blended together.

Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker, and freeze it according to the manufacturers instructions.

Just before the ice cream is ready (around 2 or 3 minutes before turning off the ice cream maker) add your final tablespoon of coffee to the ice cream.

Next, begin to add your chunks of Heath bar. Add them a little at a time, allowing them to sink into the mixture. Once this is done, simply continue to freeze until the ice cream is ready.

That’s all you need to do! This recipe will produce a soft-scoop ice cream. If you prefer your ice cream to be a bit harder, simply transfer the mixture to a freezer proof bowl, and continue to freeze for two or three hours.

If you fancy giving your Coffee Heath Bar ice cream that little bit extra, then chop up some walnuts and sprinkle them on top (they go really well with the coffee flavor). Don’t be afraid to stamp your own mark on the ice cream either, it’s a great flavor to experiment with!

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